Wingrove Valley Chapels

All our chapels have been created personally with love. Built by Daniel and his team to ensure everything is done to the highest standards and that they are a perfectly unique setting.

Forest Chapel

Forest Chapel

  • Set in a natural privet forest alongside a babbling stream, it is the most wonderful location to say, “I Do”.
  • With hand-made wooden benches to seat 160 guests and electricity to ensure you can still have your special song to walk down the aisle, nothing could possibly be more romantic.
  • Perennial trees provide that gorgeous, lush forest look all year round, whether you are wanting a summer or winter wedding
  • Add a personal touch with your décor or keep it simple and rustic, it’s all up to you.
The Chelin Chapel

The Chelin Chapel

  • Built a short walk up the valley from the main Reception Hall, perched right on the edge of our picturesque lake, our indoor chapel makes for a beautiful ceremony location.
  • Named after Daniel’s grandfather, this barn-styled chapel creates an open feeling, while still offering cover from the elements.
  • With hand-made benches to match the rustic style of the chapel and a backdrop of the surrounding valley it is ideal for a peaceful “I Do” moment.
  • Built with a steel-frame, left exposed for aesthetic purposes and elegant wooden sliding doors for the entrance way.
  • Our benches seat a maximum of 200 people, leaving a lovely wide aisle for the bridal entrance.
Our Feature Deck

Feature Deck

  • Situated in front of the main Reception Hall, our feature deck overlooks the serene lake. It offers a unique opportunity to say your vows over the sound of lapping water.
  • It makes for a beautiful sunrise ceremony as the sunrises over the valley hills or a lovely cool afternoon ceremony with the sun on your back.
  • Our deck seats between 160-200 people, depending on the chair type.
  • Our benches can also be used.
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